If the Dubai Metro is traveling at 45kph on the Red line, and the public bus is traveling at 56kph, how long will it be until the bus catches up with the metro if the metro left 3 hours before the bus did? Who cares.

Ghusia Rent A Car takes the hassle out of public transportation so you can roam the roads freely. With this weeks special deal you can get to where you need to be on your own schedule.

Ghusia Rent a Car works with a “what you see is what you get” approach to their business. No hidden costs and no gimmicks, we simply provide the best rates possible and excellent customer service. Ghusia have a fleet of over 200 new vehicles and a database of 800 loyal customers.

Just Cruisin'

Be the “King of the Road” with this weeks special offer, so you can head out on the highway and go lookin' for adventure. And no matter where you are in Dubai, if there is a problem with your car Ghusia will come to the rescue. Our staff is always ready for road side assistance and will try to fix the problem on the spot. If that is not possible our staff will take the car back to their repair shop and a replacement will be provided at the earliest. You can trust you’re in safe hands with Ghusia.

Hit this weeks deal today and hit the road cruising.


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